Slovakian team is prepared for the new lynx-capturing season

Posted - Jan 11, 2022

During November and December, the Slovak LIFE Lynx team focused on the final preparation and implementation of the 2021/22 lynx capturing season. Its members built two more box traps in the Volovec Mountains project area and at the same time started realization of the deterministic Eurasian lynx camera trapping in the Vepor Mountains project area.

At the beginning of December, the Slovak team also hosted colleagues from Ukraine within the cooperation between the LIFE Lynx project and LIFE Euro Large Carnivores. The aim of their visit was to exchange experiences and comprehensive training for monitoring and capturing lynx, which are crucial in Ukraine for maintaining the long-term viability of the entire Carpathian population of this species.

The Slovak team would also like to sincerely thank the O2 Slovakia mobile service for their help and cooperation in correcting the technical problems of the GPS/GSM telemetry collars. We value this help very much, because it is enormously important for the implementation of project activities in Slovakia and thus the entire LIFE Lynx project. Thank you very much.

Construction of a new box trap in the Volovec Mountains.

The box trap is ready to activate.

Slovak and Ukrainian team field visit.