Arma dei carabinieri (CUTFAA/CFS)

Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Arma dei carabinieri (CUTFAA/CFS)

Arma dei carabinieri – Comando Unità Tutela Forestale, Ambientale e Agroalimentare

The National Forestry Service in Italy acts under the national law 36/2004, which designates the monitoring of the national territory to the CFS. The CFS manages 130 nature reserves and state forests, covering a total area of approximately 130,000 ha from the Alps in the north to Calabria in the south, which represent the green backbone of Italy where stunning nature of unmatched beauty is protected. Since 1992, various projects for the conservation of habitat and endangered indigenous species representative of the European Union have been funded through LIFE-Natura projects with CFS as coordinating or associated beneficiary.

The National Forest Corps Biodiversity Office is a branch which operates directly in the reserves’ territories through its twenty-eight Area Biodiversity Bureaus – UTB, Uffici Territoriali per la Biodiversità carrying out projects aimed at the conservation and improvement of natural environments and introducing sustainable forestry management systems. In particular, the staff of UTB Tarvisio has a long experience with lynx and brown bear research and monitoring.


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