Project visit to Slovakia

Posted - Feb 21, 2018

From 15th to 18th of January 2018 members of Slovenia Forest Service, University in Ljubljana and Progetto Lince Italia visited our Slovakian partner, Technical University of Zvolen. The main objective of our visit was preparation for lynx capture in Slovakia. Slovakian field crew already started opportunistic monitoring with camera traps to detect best available sites for lynx capture. We visited few monitored sites in and around Muranska planina National park. Some of the sites were regularly visited by lynx, making them very promising locations for capturing. We also visited box trap which serves for lynx capture and reintroduction within LIFE Luchs Pfälzerwald project. Besides appealing field work we spent time preparing protocol for capturing, handling, and transporting of the lynx. The last day of our visit we used the opportunity to visit Slovakian legendary hunter, Mr. Stefan Zatroch, who captured 46 lynx between 60’s and 80’s of the 20st century for reintroduction programmes in that period. We were thankful to be able to learn from his comprehensive experiences, which can help save lynx in Dinarics and SE-Alps. On that day Slovenian film crew joined us and recorded an interview with Mr. Zatroch for historical documentary on lynx reintroduction to Dinarics in 1973.

One of the camera traps sites regularly visited by lynx. Photo: Matija Stergar

An area where Stefan Zatroch captured lynx for reintroduction programmes in Europe in the second half of the 20st century. Photo: Matija Stergar

Group photo of the “expedition” members.