Presentation at Nordic Congress of Wildlife Research

Posted - Sep 30, 2022

One of the issues we were facing when preparing our project proposal and reinforcement program, was a lack of published scientific data about previous lynx reintroduction and reinforcement programs. To spread our knowledge to experts and scientists and to help future projects with our experience, we are dedicated to publishing scientific papers and presenting our project on congress and other meetings with experts. Thus, our partner from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb, Croatia participated in the Nordic Congress of Wildlife Research, held in Uppsala, Sweden, September 13 – 22 2022. Magda Sindičić presented our health monitoring program, while Ira Topličanec gave a talk entitled “Integration overview of translocated Eurasian lynx into the Dinaric population”. Congress are also a very good opportunity for face-to-face exchange of experiences, and our monitoring program will benefit greatly from the knowledge that was shared by our colleagues working in other lynx populations.