Preparations for the new lynx capturing season in Romania

Posted - Nov 12, 2019

Part of the Slovenian and Croatian LIFE Lynx team has joined the ACDB project partner in Romania. The main purpose of the visit is to help set up box traps on a field and arrange for future captures and translocations of lynx from Romania to Slovenia and Croatia. In addition to setting new traps, a lot of time will also be spent to maintaining the locations of existing traps.

The box traps have to be carried to the location. Sometimes even a few kilometers away. Photo: LIFE Lynx

In first days of the visit, we’ve set an extra box trap at the lynx capturing site, which was also active last season. It is at abandoned wooden cabin deep in the forest, which is regularly marked by lynx. On arrival at that location we found a fresh lynx scat, which indicates that this location is still visited by lynx.

Collecting lynx faces for genetic analysis. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Box trap near an abandoned wooden cabin. Photo: LIFE Lynx

We also checked 5 different existing locations where we’ve rebuilt the surroundings and tested the traps. According to what we have seen, we can expect a successful lynx capturing season.

Part of the team in the box trap at the location where Goru was captured. Photo: LIFE Lynx

The Carpathian Mountains in the fall. Photo. LIFE Lynx