On the Lynx Educational Trail with teachers

Posted - Apr 13, 2022

On Friday and Saturday, March 11 and 12, we held a seminar for teachers at Mestni vrh near Kočevje. We were very warmly welcomed in the Cottage at Jelen’s Studenec – both with the service and with the fire in the fireplace. Outside on the trail, the temperatures were still quite low.

The two seminars on the Lynx Educational Trail were the last of the six seminars planned for the project. We introduced the project to the participants and spent more time presenting the teachers’ guide on lynx (SI). We also carried out one of the exercises together and briefly transformed ourselves into deer, lynx and bears. During the guided tour of the trail, we talked mainly about the biology and ecology of the lynx and how we monitor them. We had a crack at jumping and “lynx silence”, moving from one board to another, but we were not as successful as the lynx.

The seminar was attended by teachers from different parts of Slovenia and local tourist guides. We are very happy to have spent both days with one and the other. Thank you for spreading the lynx content!

All participants successfully completed the “trunk walk test”. Foto: Manca Velkavrh, LIFE Lynx

Participants of the seminar at one of the information boards on the Lynx Trail. Foto: Manca Velkavrh, LIFE Lynx

At the long jump, no one reached the “lynx at the finish“ (Ris na cilju) sign. Photo: Manca Velkavrh, LIFE Lynx