New Lynx educational trail in Kočevje

Posted - Sep 30, 2021

Slovenia has a new educational trail, dedicated to the lynx. On Friday, September 24, 2021, an opening event and a press conference were held in Kočevje at the mountain hut »Koča pri Jelenovem studencu« where the Lynx educational trail is located.  With the help of an animated character – lynx named Mala, the visitor learns interesting facts about behavior and biology of the largest European wild cat – the Eurasian lynx. Giving a name to a playful character who accompanies the visitor on the way, was not a difficult task, as lynx Mala is a first-born kitten of a resident lynx Teja and the first translocated lynx Goru.

Lynx Mala is a playful character who accompanies the visitors on the trail.

Press conference at the opening of the lynx educational trail. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Educational trail includes info boards and simple didactic games with which visitors can compare their own skills with lynxes.  Equipment is made out of natural materials so it can easily blend in nature, even the info boards are reminiscent of a tree. Educational path has already been tested by two schools from Kočevje but the project team hopes that many more will come and learn about lynx in the serenity of the Kočevsko forests.

Elementary school »OŠ Zbora odposlancev« and by the Gymnasium and secondary school Kočevje already tested the educational trail. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Lynx trail is two-parted; the shorter, about 1 km log part is equipped with didactic games and information boards. For stunning views, you could also walk to Mestni vrh (approx. 3 km). Educational trail is located at address: Podgorska ulica 63, Kočevje. By car you can follow the signs for “Mestni vrh”.

Map of the short and long Lynx educational trail.