News about the lynx Doru

Posted - May 24, 2019

Since the release of Doru in the NP Risnjak until today, we have collected 52 positions fixed by the GPS collar. After the release, Doru stayed in the area of the national park for a few days and then he decided to move and discover a bigger area. Because of the clustered fixes we received from the collar, we managed to suspect on a kill site on the mountain Platak and locate it. We successfully reached the location, set up a camera trap and after a few days collected photographs of Doru feeding on its prey. During the last days, Doru moved on and he is now in the area of the hunting ground Snježnik where we have a great cooperation with the local hunter that supports the efforts done to help our endangered lynx population.

Doru feeding on its prey. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Overall, Doru looks healthy and well fed, the collar is working properly and we are happy to see he is discovering a larger area from the release site as it is a perfectly suitable habitat for a lynx.