Movie Together for Lynx is available online

Posted - Mar 2, 2024

The LIFE Lynx project continues the work of hunters and foresters who brought back the lynx in Dinaric Mountains in 1973; their work is presented in our first film Path of the Lynx.

Another extinction was threatening Lynx in Slovenia and Croatia. The main reason was inbreeding. LIFE Lynx project has joined experts, conservationists, researchers, and hunters from five European countries, with a common goal – to save the lynx from another extinction. The movie Together for lynx shows how we did it!

For both movies, you can turn on subtitles is Slovenian, English, Italian, Romanian, Croatian and German language.

Documentary film Together for lynx premiered in September 2023 and has already visited two film festivals, won one audience award, and was screened more than 20 times; at different events in Europe and also in Montana, USA.