Together for Lynx with two books and a documentary film

Posted - Sep 11, 2023

Today we premiered the new documentary Together for Lynx, which depicts the efforts of the LIFE Lynx project to save the  Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population from extinction. Together with the film, we also presented the new children’s books about lynx, »Huda risinja« and »Pogumni Maks«, by Slovenian writers Boštjan Gorenc Pižama and Desa Muck.

The film shows only part of the effort needed to revitalize a once extinct species, and I hope that in the future projects like LIFE Lynx will no longer be necessary,” explained the LIFE Lynx project coordinator, Rok Černe from the Slovenian Forest Service.

The project will end at the end of March next year, but until then you will be able to see the film Together for Lynx at various LIFE Lynx events, the next one will be in September at the project’s final conference in Zadar and on October 5, at the DINA Pivka center.

In cooperation with renowned Slovenian authors Desa Muck and Boštjan Gorenc – Pižamo, LIFE Lynx project members have provided professional support for the publication of two children’s books about lynx.

The text was written at the invitation of the LIFE Lynx team and published by the publishing house MIŠ with humorous illustrations by Jaka Vukotič. The book is primarily aimed at first-grade readers, but parents can read it to slightly younger children,” said the author of Huda risinja, Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama.

Pogumni Maks by Desa Muck is aimed at children in the second trimester of primary school, but it also appeals to older readers, as the stories in the book are based on real lynxes and their adventures.

Children’s book “Huda risinja”. Photo: Boštjan Gorenc Pižama

Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama and Desa Muck presented their books. Photo: Nika Mohorič

Gregor Šubic and Timotej vrtnik, directors of the film. Photo: Nika Mohorič

Slovenian poster for the documentary film: Together for Lynx