Miha, another lynx wearing a telemetry collar

Posted - Mar 27, 2024

Just a few days before the end of the LIFE Lynx project, we capture and fitted with a telemetry collar another lynx from the Gorenjska region. A 20 kg male, estimated to be 1-2 years old, was caught in a box-trap set in the area of Bohinjska Bistrica Hunting Club, in the Jelovica plateau. We assume that he is an offspring of the translocated lynxes Aida and Zois, but we will have to wait for genetic analysis to confirm this.

The lynx was named Miha by Boštjan Pikon, hunter from LD Bohinjska Bistrica, who was taking care of the box-trap. He explained “The lynx was named after my two hunting companions, Miha Pintar and Miha Gorišek, who actively take care of lynx conservation in the Jelovica forests.”

Lynx Miha, just before he was captured in a box trap. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Veterinary exam of lynx Miha. Photo: LIFE Lynx

After lynx Miha’s release back into the forest, he went to the area of a female lynx Talia. This female was released last year near Tarvisio in the scope of UlyCa2 project. We hope that their encounters were successful and will continue to monitor their movements.

A three-day meeting between Miha (violet line) and Talia (pink line). Photo: LIFE Lynx