Lynx Through History – celebration of Natura 2000 Day

Posted - May 21, 2020

European Natura 2000 Day relates to May 21 1992 when both EU Habitats Directive and LIFE programme were approved. This Directive together with the Birds Directive (adopted in 1979) became a base of EU Natura 2000 Network of protected areas. All three large carnivores, bear, wolf, and lynx are protected within the scope of Natura 2000.

Even before the regulation of carnivore protection was enforced, some hunters realized that carnivores including lynx were important and that they occupied a special part of nature and a place in one’s heart. In this short documentary film Lynx Through History, hunters will take you through the good and the bad times of the large carnivore’s past. This film is one of six episodes in the Hunter Stories film series.

Co-directed by Gregor Šubic & Seth M. Wilson. Funding and support provided by Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative, Trust For Mutual Understanding, Frankenberg Foundation, Bunting Family Foundation, and Pumpkin Hill Foundation.