LIFE Lynx volunteer training

Posted - Feb 28, 2018

On the 26th of February, LIFE Lynx team from Croatia held a training course for volunteers interested in getting involved in the project. The event took place on the Faculty of Veterinary medicine in Zagreb.

The training was based on presenting the guidelines for sampling noninvasive lynx material and the introduction to proper use of camera traps, which are both important instruments for obtaining information about the current population status, abundance and sex-specific territorial distribution of lynx in the project area.

There were 60 participants divided into two smaller groups. Apart from the practical knowledge that was presented and explained in terms of field work, there was a positive atmosphere that was created between the public and the lecturers and a good initiative was shown in communication with all volunteer profiles.

Hopefully, this kind of cooperation between the interest groups and the project team will continue and, step by step, create a strong network of people who will offer a great support to the implementation of the LIFE Lynx project and the lynx population management.



Equipment for collecting noninvasive genetic samples.