Lubomir is exploring the area around his release site on Velebit

Posted - Aug 25, 2022

Exactly 10 weeks ago lynx Lubomir (immediately nicknamed Ljubo) arrived in Croatia. This adult male, captured in Slovakia, was released on location Rizvanuša, near town Gospić, in hunting ground Ramino korito managed by the Rewilding Velebit Foundation.

Release of lynx Lubomir. Photo: Marko Matešić

All other lynxes that were released in Croatia before Ljubo came out of the transport box and left the release location in lightning speed. However, after exiting the box Ljubo stopped, looked at the beautiful nature and posed for the cameras. Obviously, Ljubo liked Rizvanuša at a first glance and was not rushing to leave the site. This was confirmed with the first locations sent by his collar several days after the release. Of course, we were a bit worried that he did not move from the release site and we were eager to get new data from the telemetry collar. But, as a bad luck, the collar failed to connect with the satellite many times and during the last 2.5 months we received only two sets of locations showing Ljubo` s movement.

Mapo of Lubomir’s movements after the release.

Similar as lynx Alojzije (realeased in 2020 in National park Paklenica), Ljubo made a circle around Velebit (in the opposite direction of Alojzije) and returned to the release location. So now, we are impatiently waiting for the new data about his adventures.