Lynx Lubomir was released in Croatian Velebit Mountains

Posted - Jun 14, 2022

We are happy to report the successful release of a 15th lynx that today, 14.6.2022, ran out to his new home on Velebit Mountain, near the town of Gospić, Croatia. The lynx named Lubomir was captured in the Slovak Carpathians, where he spent two months in the quarantine to make sure he arrived in Croatia healthy. The arrival of the lynx was welcomed by members of the Gospić handball team and representatives of the local community.

Lynx Lubomir. Photo: Marko Matešić

Lubomir was released in the Ramino Korito hunting ground, which is managed by the Lagosta company owned by the Rewilding Velebit Foundation, and on that occasion Marija Krnjajić, the manager of the Rewilding Velebit Foundation, welcomed the lynx: „We are very honored to be able to help the recovery of the Dinaric lynx population, and as a hunting rights holder in the Ramino Korito hunting area where the lynx Ljubo was released, we are extremely pleased to participate in sustaining the biodiversity of Velebit and Croatia. All three large Croatian carnivores, bear, wolf and lynx, live in this area, and inclusion in the LIFE Lynx project to prevent the extinction of the population is a big thing for us and we are honored to be part of the project that has such a noble goal. The opportunity to observe such a rare, mysterious and one of the most endangered animals in its natural environment also gives us the opportunity to enrich and improve the tourist offer of Lika-Senj County.“

Tomislav Gomerčić, professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb and member of the LIFE Lynx team also pointed out that in Lika-Senj County there is an excellent cooperation in research and protection of lynx among hunters, public institutions for the management of protected areas and scientists: “The results we have achieved in the last five years working together with the support of the local stakeholders, have ensured a bright future of lynx in this part of Europe

Lynx-release team group photo. Photo: Elena Morozova