Local hunter photographed one of Aida’s offspring

Posted - Mar 30, 2022

Aida’s kittens were the first confirmed lynx reproduction in Gorenjska region the scope of the LIFE Lynx project. Aida was released into Jelovica forests together with male lynx Zois in April 2021. Just four months later, lucky hikers stumbled upon about a month old lynx kittens. Since then we regularly got some hints that the kittens are with their mother, but now we got proof that at least one of them survived the winter. A local hunter set a camera trap to monitor wolf movements in Jelovica plateau in the scope of the LIFE WolfAlps EU project.  The camera captured a lot of wildlife passing by, and also an almost adult lynx.

The lynx mating-season (from February to April) is the time when last-year offspring leave their mother and go on a search for an empty territory. However, for now it seems that the young lynx from Jelovica are still together with their mother.

At least one of Aida’s kittens survived the winter. Photo: LIFE WolfAlps EU, Biotechnical Faculty, Biology Department