LIFE Lynx presented at the European Climate Youth Camp

Posted - Nov 30, 2021

At the beginning of November, environmental activists from 12 countries met in Germany at the “European Climate Camp”, where Andrei Dinu, an ACDB representative of the Romanian LIFE Lynx team, proudly presented the biodiversity conservation initiative he’s part of – LIFE Lynx.

In nine days of the European Climate Youth Camp 2021, young environmentalists and climate activists from Europe and Central America had the chance to connect with each other and exchange experiences by participating in workshops, excursions or brainstorming sessions, all focused on climate justice and biodiversity conservation related issues. Andrei’s participation in the exchange programme was due to his role as a young ambassador for Milvus Group, which is a partner in the international project Game On – Don’t let climate change end the game.

Talking about LIFE Lynx project within the Climate Youth Camp, photo: Rita Muckenhirn

’’All of the participants presented the projects they are working on in their countries and it was very inspirational to see so many motivated young people and the diversity of their backgrounds (journalism, creative industry, communication specialists, ecologists) aiming for a common goal – tackling today’s climate and biodiversity crises.

I was happy to talk about the importance of in-situ conservation and to reveal the effort that is being done to rescue the Dinaric – SE Alpine lynx population from extinction. Human – large carnivores coexistence was an interesting topic for the other participants and I am glad that now more people are aware of the existence of the Eurasian lynx and the important role of such a large predator in maintaining the viability of ecosystems. They are also looking forward to hearing news about the project’’ – Andrei Dinu, ACDB.

Pinboard with the projects from different countries. Photo: Andrei Dinu, LIFE Lynx