LIFE Lynx Layman’s report

Posted - Apr 23, 2024

At the end of the LIFE Lynx project, we published a report summarizing the essence of the project – why and how we saved the lynx from extinction in the Dinaric Mountains and SE Alps.

The report is primarily written for the general public and anyone who would like to learn about the key ideas and actions that have been implemented during the project. It shows the joint efforts of eleven project partners from five countries – Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Romania, and Slovakia. Reading through the report, you will learn that the road to success was based on cooperation of many stakeholders and enthusiastic individuals who forged the path of lynx’ survival in the Alps and the Dinaric Mountains.

The lead partner, the Slovenia Forest Service, published this report in several languages; Slovenian, English, Italian, and Croatian. You are welcome to read the report online or get your hard copy by contacting the LIFE Lynx project partner from your country or by writing to [email protected].