Let’s cycle around the Lynx Walk Trail

Posted - Nov 22, 2022

In October, a team of enthusiastic cyclists from the European cycling community GravGrav and clothing company I-RIS.cc came to Slovenia in search of the best route for cyclists to be able to explore the Dinaric Mountains. Local cyclists and representatives of LIFE Lynx joined them, to cycle along the routes of the Lynx Walk to find the best cycling option for a new Lynx Cycling Trail.

After cycling the routes of the Lynx Walk, Max Riese, founder of the GravGrav community told us: “The Lynx Trail Cycling Route is a project we are now working on for nearly one year. A lot of thought and ideas have gone into the idea of creating a cycling route to educate visitors on large carnivores, their habitat, and how to protect them. Finally, on October 6 we arrived in Pivka with five cyclists from all over Europe, to scout the route and produce the content and pictures to make this a permanent route from spring 2023 on.


On October 7, we started our ride to the Croatian Seaside over Sviščaki and Platak. Covering a bit over 200 km in 3 days. The route will take cyclists from the seasonal lakes near Pivka over the magnificent mountains and forests near Sviščaki and Snežnik crossing the border to Croatia to get to the National Park Risnjak. From there cyclists will descend into a different world ending their ride at the Croatian seaside.


I-ris.cc and gravgrav.cc are very happy to build this project together with LIFE Lynx and local organizations. The support from local cyclists who joined us for parts of the track was overwhelming and we can’t wait to launch this project and develop it long term with LIFE Lynx.”

Cycling along the Notranjska scenery. Photo: gravgrav

Lynx tracks in the mud. Photo: gravgrav

First Lynx Cycling Trail expedition. Photo: Erika Kovačič