In memoriam Maks Konečnik (1927–2021)

Posted - Nov 23, 2021

Maks Konečnik, a professional hunter and forester, was closely associated with lynx. During his service at the State managed hunting ground Rog in Kočevje, he was one of the key players at the 1973 lynx reintroduction to Slovenia. Together with his wife Cilka, they took care of six lynxes, which were housed in a quarantine enclosure before being released into the wild.

The reintroduction of lynx to Slovenia is still considered one of the most successful efforts in the world to return lynx to the wild, and Maks Konečnik was an important member of the team that made it possible.  The experience, advice and, last but not least, the courage of the generation that took the fate of the lynx in Slovenia into their own hands, were a source of encouragement and guidance in the design and implementation of the LIFE Lynx project. Maks’ optimism and cheerfulness have stayed with us both from the premiere of the documentary film Path of the Lynx and the release of lynx Goru, the first translocated lynx in the scope of our project. With the LIFE Lynx project, we continue his work and we are grateful that Europe’s largest cat lives in our forests.

Maks Konečnik (left), together with hunters from Loški Potok Hunting Club, opened the gates of lynx Goru’s enclosure. Photo: LIFE Lynx

As part of the filming of the Path of the Lynx, we had an interesting conversation with Mr. Konečnik about his work as a game warden in Kočevje.