In memory of Janez Čop
(1927 – 2019)

Posted - Jul 17, 2019

Janez Čop, biologist and hunter, was the head of Hunting Department of the Slovenian Institute for Forestry and Timber Economy (today Slovenian Forestry Institute) and one of major players in lynx reintroduction in Slovenia in 1973. After the lynx reintroduction, he carefully monitored their dispersal and presented his findings in scientific literature and at international symposiums, which brought the story of a successful lynx reintroduction to a wider scientific community. Lynx reintroduction to Slovenia is still considered one of the most successful efforts for bringing back the lynx into the nature. We are thankful to Mr. Čop and the team involved, who are responsible that the biggest European wild cat is living in our forests.

Janez Čop, during the filming of the documentary film Path of the Lynx. Photo: LIFE Lynx

With the project LIFE Lynx we are continuing his work and work of other foresters and hunters that reintroduced the lynx in 1973. While filming the documentary film Path of the Lynx we had a fruitful discussion with Mr. Čop. In the video below you can check how he described his trip to former Czechoslovakia to get the lynx.