Educational seminar on integrating spatial characteristics for the Eurasian Lynx in spatial planning

Posted - Apr 14, 2023

LIFE Lynx project partner, the University of Ljubljana, organised an educational seminar titled Integrating Spatial Characteristics and Habitat Connectivity for the Eurasian Lynx in Spatial Planning.

The seminar was aimed at decision-makers and professionals involved in spatial planning, protected area management or forest and wildlife management. In a series of five lectures, we presented the characteristics and suitability of space for the Eurasian lynx and its connectivity in the Dinaric Range. We also presented the effects of transport infrastructure on large mammals and especially on large carnivores such as the lynx, and showed rare examples of lynx crossing various barriers or unsuitable habitat. We have highlighted how spatial isolation affects the genetic picture of the population in our country and the results of genetic diversity simulations in cases without and with lynx introductions. We also presented the current status of the lynx population and the results of introductions in Slovenia and Croatia. The seminar was held at Biotechnical Faculty and it was possible to attend also online.

Tomaž Skrbinšek presenting genetic status of Dinaric SE-Alpine lynx population. Photo: Maja Jan

Hubert Potočnik presenting the outcomes of the habitat connectivity and permeability modeling. Photo: Maja Jan