Didactic guidelines for the Lynx Educational Trail in Kočevje

Posted - Jul 5, 2023

Do you know who can sneak up on a lynx’s prey? Why does a lynx use its whiskers or why can its eyes reflect light at night? What needs to be done before a lynx can be relocated from the Carpathians to Slovenia?

All this and more interesting facts about the lynx can be found in the new didactic guidelines for the Lynx educational trail in Kočevsko. In addition to the basic topics covered in the trail, these guidelines also include additional explanations, photos, links, and videos about this mysterious animal.

Guidelines are suitable for teachers taking their pupils on the trail, for tourist guides visiting the trail with different groups, or for any individual who would like to discover additional topics about the lynx in Slovenia.

You are welcome to read the guidelines (in Slovenian language) and visit the trail. You can visit the Lynx Educational Trail all year round, and the mountain hut Koča pri Jelenovem studencu is open from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays.