Desa Muck, Slovenian writer – a new Lynx Ambassador

Posted - May 10, 2022

We are proud and happy to announce that we have a new Lynx Ambassador – Slovenian writer, publicist and actress Desa Muck has joined our project. Desa is very well known to the Slovenian public and is one of the most popular authors, especially for children in Slovenia.

She has already put her affection for animals into words and published numerous works on the subject, such as the collection The Miraculous Flea Megi, and this time she will use her creative flair to write a children’s book dedicated to lynxes. Members of the LIFE Lynx project will provide the author with expert information on lynxes, the stories of the reintroduced animals and their offspring, which she will transform so that young people will be delighted to grab the book from the bookshelves.

Since every creative work takes its time, you will be able to read the book about lynxes in spring next year.

Desa Muck: “During my time of researching and learning about lynxes, I have grown to love them so much that the mention of this miraculous animal immediately brings tears to my eyes and I talk about them to everyone who comes my way.”

Desa Muck, Slovenian writer, publicist and actress. Photo: Ana Iza Sajko