Confirmed, lynx Matic is the offspring of Goru and Teja

Posted - Apr 5, 2024

Genetic analysis has confirmed that lynx Matic, who was fitted with GPS collar in January this year, is in fact the offspring of translocated male lynx Goru and local female lynx Teja. Matic dispersed to the area of Velika Gora and Stojna in Kočevsko region of Slovenia.

Matic was filmed in his homerange. Video: Franc Kljun, Biotechnical Faculy, University of Ljubljana.

Telemetry data currently indicates that Matic has a territory with a current estimated size of 228 km2. The lynx is in excellent condition and preys regularly. Since the start of telemetry monitoring of the lynx, researchers from the Biotechnical Faculty have detected six remains of its prey. Of these, five were found and taken by bears (on average 2 days after the kill).

Matic established his homerange in the area of Velika gora and Stojna (orange), bordering another adult lynx Mihec (green). Photo: Jaka Črtalič, Biotechnical faculty