Confirmed also third lynx reproduction in Gorenjska – Lynx Lenka has a kitten

Posted - May 3, 2023

Lynx Lenka who was translocated to the Triglav National Park in 2021 and has established her territory in the Pokljuka area, is regularly monitored with camera traps. It was a big mystery to us, that she always appeared alone in the footage. However, in the beginning of March, we spotted a lynx with a cub in one of the photos from Gorenjska and we confirmed that it was Lenka with a young, unknown lynx. This could only mean one thing that Lenka also had a litter last year. Since it is very difficult to find genetic samples in this snow-free season, we have not yet been able to confirm who the father of Lenka’s cub is. The last year’s kittens are now in the process of finding their own territories, so monitoring will be very interesting.