Cat News Special Issue 14 – The Eurasian lynx in Continental Europe

Posted - Oct 13, 2021

The special issue of the IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group‘s biannual newsletter – Cat News is now published online and it is fully dedicated to Eurasian lynx in Central Europe. Our project partners contributed to the issue with four articles. Slovakian and Romanian partners participated in the article on conservation needs of one of the largest lynx populations in Europe – the Carpathian population with recommendations for national and international management.  Slovenian, Croatian and Italian partners wrote about the reinforcement of Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population describing the history of reintroduction of lynx to the Dinarics and the development of the population until this day. The article also explains the role of hunters in conservation of the lynx in the region and the need for the lynx reinforcement process currently undergoing with the LIFE Lynx project. The contribution by Paolo Molinari illustrates the contribution of the stepping-stone releases to connect small and isolated populations, and an article by Anja M. Jobin, describes the expansion of lynx monitoring in the Alps within the SCALP project.  We invite you to read the publication available at Cat News webpage.