Blisk’s movements from Snežnik to Javorniki

Posted - Aug 30, 2022

Blisk, a translocated lynx from Romania, was released into the forests of Snežnik, Slovenia on the May 17 this year. Since his release, he explored the area around the release site first going South. However, he turned back to the area of the release site and moved North to Javorniki forests where he has stayed since then. During the past camera trapping season (2021-2022), a female lynx was recorded in that area, which could indicate that Blisk already met his potential mate and therefore settled there.

With the help of GPS data, we were also able to detect some of his kills. His preferred prey has been roe deer, as expected. We managed to set up camera traps at one of his kill sites and recorded him feeding. Blisk looks strong and healthy and it seems that he adapted very well to his new environment.

Blisk’s movements after the release.

Blisk’s current territory.

Blisk at his prey. Photo: LIFE Lynx