When lynx notice boards connect several countries

Posted - Apr 17, 2023

Slovenia currently has seven individual lynx- themed notice boards. The locations are distributed according to the lynx’s range: Strma Reber near Osilnica, Mirna Gora between Kočevje and Bela Krajina, Loški Potok (near the Hunting Family Natural Science Centre), Glamping Bloke, Cottage Mladika near Postojna, Vojkova cottage near Nanos and Vodiška planina on Jelovica. These boards have a common part of information about the lynx – its biology and ecology, while each board has a different part – prepared according to the location where it stands.

One notice board was set on Jelovica plateau.

Notice board on Strma reber in Kočevsko region.

In Croatia, there are two notice boards; one in the Risnjak National Park and the other in the Paklenica National Park. The first park is also connected to Mašun (Slovenia) via the Lynx Walk, and the board is a signpost of the trail. In Paklenica, you can see the territory occupied by the lynx Alojzije in 2020, in addition to the beautiful view, of course.

The north-eastern part of Italy is also part of the project area, which is important for the lynx in terms of the Dinaric-Alpine population connectivity. As lynx cross national borders, it is all the more important that local people are aware of the project and the lynx introductions, even if these are carried out in Slovenia and Croatia.

Romania is one of the two countries where lynx are being captured for this project. The information board stands at one of the main touristic attractions in Lepșa – Cascada Putnei (Putna’s Waterfall), which is part of the Putna-Vrancea Natural Park. The place is worth visiting, which gives many people the opportunity to see the board and learn more about the lynx and its conservation efforts within the LIFE Lynx project. Lepșa is also the study area where the Romanian part of the team captured the first translocated lynx from Romania, Goru. It is true, the capture site is not in the same place as the board but is not too far either.

Notice board in Romania.

In Slovakia, a good number of lynx have been captured in the last few decades for introductions to other parts of Europe. That’s why it’s so important to make this information about introductions visible there as well. The board is located near the cottage from University in Zvolen, which is also a popular tourist path, where different stakeholders are passing by – rangers, foresters, hunters and the general public which get access to the project actions in the authentic Carpathian lynx habitat.

Notice board in Slovakia.