When lynx find their place – in any book

Posted - Aug 17, 2022

Any? That’s right, whether for school, about dog training or a love novel for summer reading. The lynx that are under the eye of the Young Lynx Guardians have now found their way onto the bookmarks.

The Young Lynx Guardians programme introduces the lynx to the pupils through a workshop and a field day. This is followed by an event where the Young Guardians present what they had done as part of the programme. The purpose of the event is that parents or other local inhabitants can also find out more about what is happening at the school and the lynx. At these occasions, the pupils will also hand out the bookmarks with the guarded lynx.

Guarded lynx are those that have been equipped with a telemetry collar for at least a certain period of time and we know something about their movement. This way, we can also inform the pupils about the latest news from their lives. The lynx on the signposts are Mala, Aida, Julia, Boris, Maks, Tris, Goru, Zois and Niko.

Lynx bookmarks. Photo: Manca Velkavrh, LIFE Lynx