We uploaded the full report about lynx camera trapping in Slovenia in 2018/19

Posted - Sep 4, 2019

Prior to the start of the new camera trapping season, we prepared a report about the results of this activity in the previous year (2018/19). The cameras recorded at least 19 adult lynx in the Slovenian Dinaric Mountains. There were six females with juveniles, most of them captured on cameras in state’s special purpose hunting grounds. Moreover, two of the lynx that we identified in Slovenia were also recorded in Croatia, showing how important it is to conserve and manage the lynx on a transboundary level. An important result of the first season of lynx monitoring is a successful start of collaboration with hunters. They provided crucial support on the field and constantly informed us about lynx in their hunting ground. We will continue with this tight cooperation in the upcoming season.

We invite you to read the document.