We are looking for Tris, Lenka and Zois with camera traps in Gorenjska

Posted - Jul 28, 2022

Together with the local hunters we set up 18 camera traps in the area of Jelovica and Pokljuka to find out what is the status of lynxes Tris, Lenka and Zois. Their GPS collars have stopped working in the past few months so we do not know exactly where the lynxes are. All three lynxes were recorded on our camera traps within the last camera trapping survey, but their whereabouts remain unknown since then. Camera traps will show us which of the lynxes are still present within their territories and direct us to choose suitable locations for recaptures. We aim to replace their GPS collars with functional ones, to follow their movement in the future, which will improve our understanding of the establishment of the stepping stone population in the Alps and also enable us to monitor the reproduction, predation, mating and denning behavior of these Alpine lynxes.

Setting the camera with Triglav National Park ranger (Photo: Tilen Hvala)

Setting the camera with Triglav National Park ranger. (Photo: Tilen Hvala)


Setting the camera trap in Jelovica (Photo: Aleš Pičulin)

Setting the camera trap in Jelovica. (Photo: Aleš Pičulin)