Vita’s Nature Conservation Day

Posted - Sep 1, 2022

On Saturday, August 27,  several tables with various materials and activities accompanied visitors along the paths at the Ljubljana Zoo. It was a nature conservation day sponsored by the Vita insurance company.

The day featured various creative workshops, movement challenges, enrichment activities for the zoo’s animals, ideas for environmentally friendly living – and stands with conservation content. Conservationists were on hand to share their knowledge and experience of working with endangered species.

Of course, members of the LIFE Lynx team were also present. With the visitors, who not only wanted to see the lynx but also learn more about it, we shared information about the animal and its research that we thought might be of interest to them. The fur of the lynx, the skull and the imprint of a paw caught the attention of many visitors, and after further explanations, some stayed longer than just to touch the fur.

We believe that many visitors had a very pleasant day – and so did our team members.

Visitors at the LIFE Lynx stand. Photo: Petra Hrovatin, ZOO Ljubljana