Variety within Open door days with Young Lynx Guardians

Posted - May 24, 2023

First workshops were organised in Croatia. Within an open door day in Krasno the school children were divided into two groups, depending on their age. While the younger group coloured lynx silhouettes, the older played a game in photo-identification.

Open door day in Krasno – before the pupils were divided to their tasks.

Second Open door day in Croatia was carried out in Primary school Vrbovsko, in cooperation with a local hunter.

In Vrbovsko pupils drew lynx fur patterns – like in nature even two of them are not alike!

In Slovenia after having a workshop and a field trip with Young Guardians of Lynx, we’re now organising Open door days with these nine schools.

First Open door day in Slovenia was in Gymnasium Kočevje, joined with an “exchangement” event. High school students gathered things for second hand exchange and prepared posters about energy and water use and pollution. Since this was already a small market place, we had a lynx stand as well, presenting also a cartoon (SI) made by a student.

Next Open door days in Slovenia came with the atmosphere of winter holidays. Lynx stands with biscuits were set in primary schools in Mojstrana, Kranjska Gora, Žužemberk and Sodražica. Also pupils were helping with the presentation of the lynx!

In Sodražica primary school there were a lot of lynx presenters.

Pupils distributed a lot of bookmarks with lynx Aida to the visitors of the event in Mojstrana – parents and teachers.

Pupils in Žužemberk remembered a lot – they were the ones, giving out the most information about lynx at their winter fair.

In the spring days, we continued with a slightly different Open door day at the Koroška Bela Primary School in Jesenice, where not only the pupils were present, but also their parents. After a workshop on Lynx and other forest inhabitants, the young guardians received a bookmark with a picture of Lynx Julija.

In Primary school Koroška Bela Jesenice parents could join their children at the workshop. Photo: Simona Zorman

We look forward to the remaining Open door days – one day is not the same as another!