The first steps of the “Lynx walk”, a thematic guide

Posted - Jul 12, 2019

During late May and early June our team hiked for almost 100km of mountain routes, from Mašun to Babno Polje in Slovenia, and from Prezid to Crni Lug in Croatia.

Our hiking routes marked the beginning of the “Lynx walk”, a thematic guide for mountaineers and nature lovers. “Lynx walk” will bring a unique nature feeling and re-tell a story of the lynx, its ecology, and specifics on Dinaric population.

Thematic guide will include hiking routes from Mašun in Slovenia, where the visitor centre for large carnivore is situated, to the main entrance of National Park Risnjak in Croatia.

Route scouting went perfectly! The mountain area between Croatia and Slovenia is ideal for a storytelling as it offers breathtaking sights hidden gems of nature. In addition to experiencing the nature, the new friendships we created and time spent among ourselves were as precious.

„Lynx walk“ moves on, as we continue our efforts in defining the exact mountain routes, and preapairing the texts and other materials for the guide.



Photo gallery is available on the link.