The second circle of local consultation group meetings a bit different

Posted - Jul 3, 2019

In the last two months, we’ve implemented several successful project activities such as translocation of two lynx from Romania to Dinaric forests. Together with hunters, we’ve collected video materials of lynx presence in Dinaric forests. In order to involve and share this experience, and consult about project activities and results with local inhabitants, we’ve implemented the second circle of local consultative group (short: LCG) meetings. For Loški Potok and Loška Dolina residents and organizations, we implemented a special field trip to lynx enclosure in Loški Potok, just few days before Goru was released into Loški Potok forests. For more insights about the event read the report (available only in Slovene).

Towards lynx enclosure in Loški Potok. Photo: U. Marinko

Watching lynx in the enclosure in Loški Potok. Photo: U. Marinko

In June, we organized another two local consultative group meetings, one in Ribnica municipality for Ribnica, Kočevje, Sodražica, Osilnica and Kostel inhabitants. Following project presentations, participants were invited to Glažuta Valley (30 min drive) to see and learn more about lynx box trap and other lynx monitoring activities (read more in the report – available in Slovene). The second meeting in June was organized in Pivka municipality for Pivka, Postojna and Ilirska Bistrica inhabitants. This LCG meeting was hosted by Pivka hunting ground. Following presentations in a hunting lodge, project team demonstrated participants the methods for lynx monitoring (read more in the report – available in Slovene).

In May, we participated in the second meeting of the LIFE Stržen project council, where we presented and discussed recent project activities to Notranjska Regional Park’s key stakeholders.

Presenatation with refreshements on LCG in Ribnica. Photo: U. Marinko

Demonstration of a box trap for lynx in Glažuta valley. Photo: U. Marinko

Demonstration how hair traps function within LCG Pivka meeting. Photo: U. Marinko