The new “Lynx Quiz” on the Lynx Educational Trail in Kočevje

Posted - Nov 18, 2022

What are the three features by which the lynx is easily recognisable? What do we use to monitor the movements of lynx?  What does the lynx mainly feed on? The answers to these questions and more can be found at the end of the Lynx Educational Trail, which we opened in September 2021, at the mountain hut »Koča pri Jelenovem studencu«, in Kočevje.

At the end of the trail, we added a new notice board named “Lynx Quiz”, which encourages visitors to revise their knowledge about the lynx with interesting questions before heading home.

The new “Lynx Quiz” board.

To follow the Lynx Educational Trail, you can also use the brochure “Po sledeh risinje Male” (in Slovenian language). The brochure can be picked up at the mountain hut »Koča pri Jelenovem studencu«, the Bearlog Hostel, the Camp Jezero info point and Železnica Tourist Information Centre in Kočevje (TIC Železnica). Children who find the correct answers in the booklet will be awarded with a special prize, which they can collect at the hut or at one of the tourist information centers in Kočevje. You can visit the Lynx Educational Trail all year round, and the cottage is open from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays.