The Lynx Cycling Trail is live!

Posted - Jun 9, 2023

Would you like to have fun, ride your bike, protect the lynx and learn about large carnivores? Bikepacking is combining riding your bike with exploring nature. We ride through nature, learn about it and get in touch with it while taking time off from our everyday lives.

The Lynx Trail Bikepacking route leads you through the remote karst landscapes of the Dinaric mountains, thick forests and seasonal lakes all the way from Pivka to the Adriatic sea. During cycling you will learn about the large carnivores in the area and take on small quests to fulfill your mission to save the lynx!

The Lynx Trail is a bikepacking loop designed for Mountainbikes and we recommend to take it on in 4 days. You will find plenty of resupply and lodging on the way, so if you want to do it quicker or take more time, feel free to adapt the stages to your needs and physical fitness.

While you can just ride the route with the GPX track and enjoy the beautiful karst mountains of Slovenia and Croatia, the Lynx Trail is best enjoyed if you buy the starter package at the DINA Pivka Center of Large Carnivores. The Lynx Trail will offer an interactive, educational experience and we took great care in making this more than just a bike ride.

Route description can be found at gravgrav.

We would like to thank the members of the gravgrav cycling community, the company, the artist Chiara Terraneo, Pivka Public Institute for Tourism and Risnjak National Park for their cooperation in preparing the route.