The last LIFE Lynx lynx-capturing season in Slovakia

Posted - Jan 20, 2023

In the beginning of January, the Slovenian and Slovakian LIFE Lynx teams joined forces and activated four box-traps, set in the Slovakian Carpathian Mountains.

Group photo of the Slovak and Slovenian LIFE Lynx teams. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx

One box-trap was set and activated in Vtačnik mountains and three box traps in the area of Volovec Mountains, in Betliar hunting ground, managed by Košice enterprise of the Forests of SR. This is the last LIFE Lynx lynx-trapping season in Slovakia and the plan is to capture two more lynxes for translocation to Slovenia and Croatia. According to the cameras, set near the box traps, some lynxes are visiting these areas quite regularly.

Jakub Kubala from Zvolen Technical University is in charge of LIFE Lynx activities in Slovakia. He is also involved in field work activities, which sometimes include putting some lynx-attractant in the box traps. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx

The passage around the trap is closed with fallen trees and branches. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx

As part of the visit, Slovenian team also visited the Bojnice National ZOO, met with the acting director, and checked the lynx quarantine enclosure where all translocated lynxes were quarantined before translocations to the Dinaric Mountains and Slovenian Alps.

Lynx rehabilitation enclosure in the Bojnice National ZOO. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx

Bojnice National ZOO, the oldest zoological park in Slovakia is located just behind the beautiful Bojnice castle. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx