The first lynx captured in 2023 also in Slovakia

Posted - Feb 6, 2023

After setting up the box traps in the Slovak Carpathians, together with our colleagues from the Slovenian LIFE Lynx team, we first managed to catch three wildcats, which of course we released back into the forest. However, on the 26th and 27th of January, in cooperation with partners from the Betliar Forest district (Rožňava Forest enterprise, LESY SR), the Bojnice National Zoo and the Slovak Karst National Park administration, an adult male lynx (age 3-5 years and weight 24 kg) was captured in the Volovec Mountains. We named the male lynx Lukáš and placed him in quarantine enclosure at the Bojnice National Zoo, from where he will be translocated and released in the Dinaric Mountains.

Tranquilization of lynx Lukáš at the capture site. Photo: Attila Ambrúš

Transport of the lynx from the capture site to the transport box. Photo: Attila Ambrúš

Loading of sedated lynx Lukáš into the transport box. Photo: Attila Ambrúš