Summer in Kočevski Rog – On large carnivores tracks

Posted - Jul 29, 2019

At the International Lynx Day, LIFE Lynx project organized a field excursion to lynx habitat for the regional summer programme »Summer in Kočevski Rog«. We visited a piece of the core lynx area, where we photographed a female lynx with kittens and another adult lynx, probably a male. The participants learned what kind of locations are the best for setting up a camera trap for lynx; rocky walls and ridges. We explained how we can identify individual lynx by their coat patterns and thus count how many different animals we photographed and presented the results of lynx monitoring with camera traps. We also visited the locations that are frequented by other large carnivores (brown bear den, forest road used by wolves) and discussed the interactions between these species. At the end, the participants heard the latest news about the first two introduced lynx, Goru and Doru, who are currently located in Kočevsko and Notranjska region in Slovenia.

Participants of the excursion On large carnivores tracks. Photo: Nina Ražen

Younger members of the excursion were curious about lynx in the Dinarids. Photo: Nina Ražen