Sharing our knowledge with Austrian hunters

Posted - Jan 18, 2024

The newly elected president of Hunters association of Slovenia, Alojz Kovšca and the president of Styrian hunter organization, Franz Mayr-Melnhof-Saurau opened an exchange of knowledge and experience visit in the Triglav National Park. LIFE Lynx project hosted Austrian hunters, to show them how Slovenian hunters were involved in lynx conservation.

Franz Mayr-Melnhof-Saurau (left), Rok Černe (middle), and Alojz Kovšca (right). Photo: Marion Kranabitl Sarkleti

The guests from Austria received first-hand information on the major outputs of the LIFE Lynx project, hunters’ view on lynx, and contribution of Slovenian hunters to lynx conservation. Later on they also visited the lynx release enclosure, box-trap location, and camera-trap location to learn about lynx monitoring in Slovenia and the knowledge gained through extensive fieldwork.

Miha Marolt from TNP (in the photo) and Peter Benedik, head of Nomenj Gorjuše HC, presented how local hunters were involved in the LIFE Lynx project. Photo: Maja Sever

The partnership and close cooperation between foresters, hunters and experts are key for successful conservation of lynx in Slovenia. We are now passing on our knowledge to project’s neighboring countries to ensure lynx conservation in this part of Europe also after the end of the LIFE Lynx project.

Group photo of the participants of the visit. Photo: Maja Sever