Second issue of the LIFE Lynx project bulletin available online

Posted - Mar 29, 2021

Dear LIFE Lynx followers, fresh from the printers and on our webpage you can check out our second LIFE Lynx project bulletin. In the year 2020, the LIFE Lynx project reached a halfway point and we are reflecting on our achievements, especially those we are most proud of. In Focus, you can discover how the teams from each of the five project countries are working towards our common objectives, each in its own unique way. Our main goal is to include 14 lynxes in the Dinarides and SE-Alps, but there are many other activities that contribute to the project’s success. We are presenting some of them in this bulletin. The project’s celebrities are the translocated lynxes and inside this bulletin you can find their ID cards with basic information about where they come from, where and when they were translocated to, whether they established a territory and other important details.

The project team wishes you a pleasant reading in discovering the world of lynx and the LIFE Lynx project in five project languages. For printed version of the bulletin, please ask your national LIFE Lynx project partner.