Public attitudes towards lynx

Posted - Apr 6, 2020

Understanding the attitudes of stakeholder groups is crucial in the conservation of large carnivores, with the opinions of urban residents, who are mostly very positive, often being of secondary importance, but it is necessary to acknowledge the opinions of the groups that are directly influenced by lynx presence or can have a significant impact in population management. In the opinion poll we wanted to include stakeholder groups that are influenced by the lynx or are crucial for its conservation – local residents, hunters and livestock breeders. The questionnaire we used contained questions about lynx attitudes, beliefs about lynx, knowledge about lynx, and opinions on various management measures.

The results of the survey conducted in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy show that the respondents are in favor of maintaining the lynx as well as the reinforcement of the population with new individuals, especially in favor are hunters and the general public. Livestock breeders, however, are concerned about the potential damages and, consequently, demonstrate lower support to lynx conservation.

You can read more about the survey in the national reports for Croatia (in Croatian) for Slovenia (in Slovenian) and Italy (in Italian), and in the joint report (in English).