Project presentation in Triglav National Park – Bohinj

Posted - Dec 4, 2019

Networking and collaboration with other projects are one of the key factors for the successful implementation of the LIFE Lynx project. In cooperation with the project LIFE NATURAVIVA, in which the Triglav National Park is involved as a project partner, we held a lecture about the LIFE Lynx project and screened the documentary film »Path of Lynx«. Twenty-five participants attended the lecture held in Triglav National Park Center in Bohinj.

After short presentation of the LIFE NATURAVIVA project, the documentary film Path of Lynx was screened. Than LIFE Lynx project team presented the LIFE Lynx project focusing on the project achievements, activities in 2020 and the potential release locations of new specimens that are going to be reintroduced in the population. Different monitoring methods of lynx monitoring and the results obtained in the season 2018-2019, based on which we determined that in Slovenia live 19 adult lynxes were also presented.

Hunters successfully reintroduced the lynx to the Dinarides in 1973 and made a significant contribution that lynx became a protected animal species in Slovenia. Even today, after 46 years since the first lynx was re-introduced in Slovenian forests, hunters are involved in many LIFE Lynx project activities to contribute to the conservation of the population. They are involved in the monitoring of the population, lectures about the project activities, and taking action in cases of illegal killings of wildlife and other events.

In addition to regular cooperation with hunters, the involvement of other interest groups, like local people of the lynx presence area are also important. Through consistent and open communication about the goals and activities of the project, we aim to build partnerships with the locals and other stakeholders that will help to save the lynx population. In the future, we want to establish a local consultative group in the Gorenjska region, in addition, to resolve potential conflicts, recognize the proposals that can improve project activities, and above all build trust among different stakeholders.

Participants at the presentation. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx

Aleš Pičulin explaining movements of lynx Goru. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx

Speakers at the event, Aleš Pičulin, Tadeja Smolej, Rok Černe and Urša Marinko. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx