Project presentation at the 5th meeting of the project council of LIFE Stržen stakeholders

Posted - Dec 20, 2019

On Wednesday, 18th December 2019, we attended the 5th meeting of the Project Council of Stakeholders organised by LIFE Stržen project at the headquarters of the Notranjska Regional Park.

The meeting was attended by 19 representatives of different stakeholders (municipalities, agrarian communities, tourist stakeholders, local hunting and fishing clubs, the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia, DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia, the Institute of the RS for Nature Conservation, the Notranjska Regional Park, the Slovenian Forest Service and the Hunters Association of Slovenia).

The LIFE Stržen project team presented activities related to the restoration of the Stržen watercourse in the Ključ area, the establishment of a quiet zone for the bittern, the construction of the ornithological observatory and other infrastructure, raising public awareness of the progress of the project and other activities. LIFE Lynx project team presented different monitoring methods of the lynx population, results for the season 2018-2019 and the latest information on the movement and activity of specimens equipped with telemetry collars. We briefed the members of the Project Council of Stakeholders about activities for informing the general public, the importance and opportunities for hunters to participate in project activities and cooperation with the Police for prevention of illegal killing of wildlife.


Predstavitev projektov LIFE Stržen in LIFE Lynx na zasedanju projektnega sveta deležnikov. Foto: Tadeja Smolej

Presentation of the projects LIFE Stržen and LIFE Lynx at the Council of Stakeholders. Photo: Tadeja Smolej