Presentations of the LIFE Lynx project for hunters

Posted - Nov 4, 2019

The Hunters Association of Slovenia, in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana and the Slovenian Forest Service, prepared lectures for hunters in the area of Regional Association of Hunting Clubs Gorenjska and Postojnsko-Bistriška Regional Association of Hunting Clubs. There were 21 participants present in Naklo and 19 in Pivka.

We presented the biology and ecology of lynx, the reasons for their endangerment, the LIFE Lynx project and project activities. The LIFE Lynx project team is aware that active participation of hunters is of essential for the successful implementation of the project, so we have presented the various options for engaging in project activities. Hunters that are also participating in the monitoring of the lynx with the automatic cameras were acquainted about the results acquired in the season 2018-2019. It is important to educate hunters about taking appropriate action in cases of illegal killing because they are usually the first to detect such cases or report it to the Police. By taking appropriate action on the field, they can contribute to the effective detection and sanctioning of illegal killing of wildlife.


At the lectures in Naklo and Pivka, we also screened the documentary film “Path of the Lynx. Photo: Tadeja Smolej

Presentation of the LIFE Lynx project in Naklo (Gorenjska region). Photo: Tadeja Smolej

The LIFE Lynx project team wants to continue the good cooperation with hunters with activities on the field, participation in lectures and other events.