Presentation in Karlovac

Posted - Apr 11, 2018

On April 10th at 18:00 on Karlovac University of Applied Sciences, Magda Sindičić and Vedran Slijepčević held a LIFE Lynx project presentation “LIFE Lynx: Research and conservation of lynx population in Dinarics”.

After the LIFE Lynx presentation, Slaven Reljić from LIFE DINALP BEAR project held a presentation of activities within the project.

Presentations were organized with ALUMNI VUKA and were attended by 65 students, ALUMNI members as well as members of hunting clubs from Karlovac, Lika, and Gorski Kotar region. After presentations, a lively and informative discussion was made between audience and presenters.

Photo: Vedran Slijepčević