Preparations for lynx capture in Romania have already started

Posted - Feb 2, 2018

From 21-26th of November 2017 part of Slovenian and Italian project team visited our partners in Romania. We were happy to see that Romanian team is already busy surveying lynx and managed to collect several records of lynx presence in the Vrancea county. In this region we plan to start capturing lynx for translocation to Slovenia and Croatia in winter 2018/2019 and we already identified several potential sites for traps. We also visited the enclosure in Focșani, where lynx will be kept in quarantine before the translocation and we spent several days planning the protocols for capturing, handling, and transporting of the lynx, which will give new hope to the highly endangered population in Dinaric Mountains and South-eastern Alps.

Lynx enclosure in Romania. Photo: Miha Krofel