Premiere of the documentary »Path of the Lynx«

Posted - Jun 20, 2018

LIFE Lynx project team joined the celebration of the International Lynx Day, which we celebrate on June 11th. The initiative for celebration of the day dedicated to Europe biggest wild cat came from Interreg project 3Lynx. LIFE Lynx project team prepared two premieres of the film Path of the Lynx. The first premiere was in Kinodvor Ljubljana on June 11th, and the second one was on June 14th in Kočevje. Kočevje is closely connected to lynx in Slovenia, as the reintroduction of the lynx in 1973 took place in that area. The documentary depicts the stories of hunters and foresters, which made the reintroduction in 1973 happen. Without them we wouldn’t have lynx today, so we thanked them for their work with a small present- a painting done by Ludvik Kunc – Slovak painter whose life was also closely connected to lynx in Slovakia.

For now, the film will be shown on organized events and festivals in Slovenia in Croatia. For those of you who are interested in organizing a screening, you can contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

Welcoming speech by LIFE Lynx project coordinator Rok Černe. Photo: Matej Vranič

Co-directors of the documentary Seth M. Wilson (middle) and Gregor Šubic (right). Presented paintings are work of Slovak painter Ludvik Kunc. Photo: Matej Vranič

President of the Hunters Association of Slovenia, Lado Brdač (right) presenting the award to Maks Konečnik (left). Photo: Aleš Pičulin

Left to right: Tanja Bolte from the Ministry of the environment and spatial planning, Srečo Žerjav and Lado Bradač from Hunters Association of Slovenia, Janez Čop -biologist involved in reintroduction in 1973, Maks Konečnik- hunter involved in reintroduction in 1973, Rok Černe- LIFE Lynx project coordinator. Photo: Aleš Pičulin